Paintings with stories to tell

... where friendship is the most powerful magic, monsters are usually just hungry and if you feed them they’ll be your best friend, and endings are always happy.


“Campfire Songs”
Acrylic on canvas
Camping in the woods, Benjamin and Frank always felt so relaxed and at home. They would spend the day hiking and fishing and then finish the day with a few heartfelt campfire songs before settling down for a cozy night by the fire.



“The Magic Island”
Acrylic on canvas
Out in the middle of the sea, between one adventure and the next, there is a little house surrounded by trees on a tiny grey island. It is said that this island is a magical place, and can only be found if you’re not looking for it, and then only if you have your sails set just right and know how to read
your map backward.

“The Princess and the Pea”
Acrylic on Canvas
The little mouse asked the girl politely for the pea under her tower of mattresses. He made a lovely soup with it and she had a delightful night’s sleep.









“Lost in the Story”
Acrylic on canvas
She was lost in the story, tangled inside its pages and trapped by its magic. There she saw mermaids under starry night skies where boats were made of peacock feathers. There she was someone else and she found adventure on every page she turned.